We also offer custom made Adventures and Service for groups, children, families, corporate groups, incentive travel, and we organize your Special Event for you...

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Your exclusive Wedding Trip
Your Marriage Anniversary
With Friends or Colleagues
Social Club, Society and Circle

Corporate Travel and Special Events

For a paramount Honeymoon create your very own luxurious odyssey for Just the Two of you, stay in our specially selected Riads and somptuous Bivouacs like the Great Adventurers of the beginning of the 19th centuryé.

Have Candlelite Diner in the déesert, sleep in Egyptian Coton sheets, elope with the Love of your Life on luxurious and adventurous escapade on Horseback, dromadary, or chauffeur Allwheelers ...


Let your Wedding Anniversary become a new Unforgettable Moment of your Life. Share the Magic of the Desert with your Closest Friends or Just the Two of You in the Deep South of Morocco or on the Road of the Kasbahs, on Horseback, treck, Dromadary, or Allwheelers !

Savour refined cuisine in the middle of the Desert, enjoy local Bardes, Belly dancers and all Oriental Pleasures in Luxurious Tents near the Clear and Pure Waters of a Lost Oasis ...

Together with Friends or Colleagues benefit from Corporate Advantages ; for 6 people and more we shall organize for you a Luxury Photo Safari or Roadtrip notes Contest on Horseback, Trek, Dromadary, or Quads in the Desert of Morocco, on the Territories of genuine Mapuche's Indian Reserve in Patagonia, through the awesome Wildlife of Pantanal in Brasil, on the dates of your choice.

Celebrate your Reunion with old School Fellows, turn your Fraternity reunion into an awesome Venture, share Privileged moments with your Circle of Intimate Friends.

Rally with your Clan on an exclusive Journey through the Lands of the Mapuche's Indian Reserve or in the Desert of the Blue Men on Horseback, Treck, Dromadaries, Quads on the dates of your choice for 6 and more

Take your Family on an Adventurous and Sportive yet Ultimately Safe and Luxurious journey, we will take extra care of your little Heroes !

Let your Children Discover the Mysterious Blue Men of the Desert, the Birds and amazing Wildlife of Pantanal in Brasil, the lands of the Mapuche Indian's Reserve in Patagonia...

In France the King's Stroll combined to the TREC Party will be an awesome initiation to Horse Hiking tour for the whole Family. On Horseback, Treck, Dromadary, Quads, on a 6 pers. basis or more, you shall choose the ideal dates for your ideal vacations...

Share and celebrate your Success Story, tender thanks to your Business Partners and tighten your bonds, create a fabulous Energy Tank for your Executives through an Incentive Adventure, Launch your New Product in an astounding Surrounding, let us organize your Special Event or Incentive Operation for you for 6 to 100 people in Luxurious decor and ultimate service quality where no detail is left unattended.

On Horseback, Trek, Dromadaries, Quads, or Allwheelers in the Moroccan Desert, the Awesome untouched Flora and Fauna of Pantanal in Brasil, on an Exclusive journey through the Lands of the genuine Mapuche Indian's Reserve in Patagonia, or on the Maharadjah's Elephants in Rajahstan ...


Each one of our partnerships is the result of an exceptionnal encounter, of a similar understanding of Luxury: our guides, our Chefs, our drivers Each Adventure is prepared with the utmost care and absolute sense of detail on orientation and planning trips that may take weeks, sometimes months to carry out, with one objective: To fully statisfy our client's demanding tastes.





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